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Artist  Bio

Hello my name is Precious  Singleton I have dyslexia I am a student and artist that has been homeschooled through Excellence Academy. Though the years, I participated in a variety of classes and activities. I loves art! I have been in several art classes through the years. I'm in online art classes through Udemy and Skill Share.


In 2018, I was introduced to the Eastside Art Collective by Andrea Art. I participated in their outdoor pop-up shop where she publicly displayed my work of art for the first time. In 2019, I was invited to place one of my works of art in an exhibit at the Bona Thompson Memorial Center. Since that time, I attended a couple of pop-up shops. I was featured in a PATINS newsletter featuring her artwork earlier this year. In October, My artwork was on display at the Inaugural Dyslexia Experience and Gala - The Artists through the Reed Charitable Foundation. 


My goals are to become an 

illustrator, a cartoonist, write my own children books and write my own comic books. My art expresses encouragement for people going through challenging times. My desire is to open my own art studio called, Shout Loud Studio. I want people to know that they can make a difference in the world and that they can do anything.

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